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Call for submissions: Love Stories

Our Halloween mini-issue was a great success and we had a lot of fun doing it, so we’ve decided to try the mini-issue thing for Valentine’s day. <3

We would, therefore, really like to see your best love stories. As noted under our submissions guidelines, this is a great opportunity to try a happy story. We’d also love to see stories of:

  • Lost love
  • New love
  • Old love
  • Perverse or obsessive love
  • Doomed love
  • Crazy love
  • Unrequited love
  • Forbidden love
  • Love won after a long and valiant struggle of some kind. 

Send us something romantic! Send us something compelling! I won’t say that we won’t give bonus points for foggy heaths or tortured souls who glitter in the sunlight, only that we might not. But, it would still be nice to see something set on a heath!

And as with our other mini-issue, we will only have space for three stories! Competition will be intense! So be sure to send us your very best work by sometime in mid-February, and we’ll pull it all together, and it will be awesome!

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Issue 5: The Prize Issue

Issue 5 is up! This one features our esteemed Golden Hustler, C.J. Arellano, whose story “Fantasia of an Eight Year Old Piano” wowed us with its emotional depth, technical proficiency, and unique approach to form.

This issue also features fantastic fiction by Thomas Cannon, Mike Sauve, Janice Soldering, and Graham Tugwell. Check it out now!

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Issue 4 is now live!

Issue 4 is now on the internet and trying to break into your house. Hot new fiction from Mika Chance, Joel Clark, Danica Cummins, Steven Miller, and Sarah Sorensen. Seriously, go read it before it does something drastic.

Thank you to all our great writers and readers!

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Call for submissions: The Golden Hustler

The submissions period for the Golden Hustler is now officially open. Submit to us between now and November 20, 2011 for your chance to win a $100 cash prize, publication in Issue #5, and the great honor of being the first Golden Hustler.

As a reminder: we are also accepting submissions for our Halloween mini-issue. If you have something scary you’d like us to see, get it to us between now and sometime in mid-October.

That is all.

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The Golden Hustler

Starting July 15, we will be accepting submissions for our one and only cash prize: The Golden Hustler.

Here’s what’s up: Graham and I (Katherine) would very much like to pay each and every one of our authors, but for now that’s not possible. Hence, The Golden Hustler because somebody has to get paid. (Lord knows, it ain’t us.)

$100 dollars cash (or the equivalent in a foreign currency) will be awarded to the very best story submitted to us between July 15 and November 20 2011. The winner will be announced in tandem with the publication of Issue 5. The winner will also see publication in this issue.

Right. So. What do we mean by the very best story? We mean the story that best exemplifies what we’re looking for - a compelling plot, strong prose, and perhaps most importantly -  it’s got to have some heart. It’s got to make us feel something. If worthy stories present themselves, we may award runners-up. Runners-up may receive a certificate and prize-ish item TBD. Might be a logo mug. Might be something else.

So breaking it down:

Award: $100

Submission period: July 15-November 20 2011

Winner Announced: early December

Spread the word!

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Call for submissions: Halloween mini-issue

On October 31 we’re going to be putting out our first Halloween special and we want you to submit to it.

We’re looking for:

  • Scary Stories
  • Creepy Stories 
  • Ghost Stories
  • Murder Mysteries
  • Supernatural Tales
  • Witches, goblins, ghouls, vampires, poltergeist, the devil, dead things, strong unseen forces, darkness, and all that other stuff.
  • Or whatever else feels seasonally appropriate to us at the time.

Submissions should be around 8 pages in length, but in truth we will probably not hold fast to that. If you would like to be considered for publication in the Halloween issue, please say so in your subject line and get it to us by no later than October 20, 2011.

Competition will be fierce as we have space for only three stories in this mini-issue, so send us your very best work!

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Issue 4 + schedule

Hello internet. I’ve been speaking with wonderful co-editor Katherine, and we have some exciting news about the future of The Ear Hustler! She’ll be sharing that with you in the days to come, so keep an eye out for carrier pigeons, smoke signals, strangers with lavender-scented envelopes, and twitter updates.

Today, I’m simply very happy to say that our 4th issue is shaping up excellently, and that it will be ready to go and in your e-hands at the end of the month. Please give it your e-love.

And because our publishing schedule has always been opaque (even to us), here’s what the next year of The Ear Hustler should look like:

Issue 4 - August 2011

Issue 5 - December 2011

Issue 6 - April 2012

Issue 7 August 2012

We’re always eager for new work, so go ahead and submit something to

Keep hustlin’!

- Graham

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Issue 3 and News

Greetings, my gentle readers! We’d like to announce that Issue 3 is up and awesome at!!! Much thanks to our authors for their fantastic stories, their patience with our process, and their good humor. 

In Ear Hustler news: Henceforth, The Ear Hustler will be published thrice yearly. The next issue will mark the anniversary of the Ear Hustler’s creation (if not its publication quite exactly) and it should be up around abouts August 1 2011. This will give us an extra month per issue to gather together delightful tales with which to astonish you. 

And, finally, over the past few months we were saddened to learn of the deaths of two of our very favorite writers: Brian Jacques and Dianna Wynn Jones. Graham gives a shout out to Mr. Jacques’s influence in his bio on our website. Here I’d like to do the same. I freaking loved the Redwall series. I read them all when I was young and I am a little ashamed to admit that I had a crush on Martin the Warrior. (The Ear Hustler also has complicated relationships with animal characters. Hrm…) Dianna Wynn Jones I discovered much later - actually, unfortunately, only last year. But, my god! I read A LOT and its a rare writer who makes me forget that - whose work I read with a childlike zeal. I feel almost squishy inside when I read these two - so excited, so outside of myself. I can’t quite bring myself to say any of those old cliches like: the world of fantasy lit will be a little dimmer without them, or we’ve lost some greats; we’re always losing greats. Out of their tradition will come other writers, also great, who we’ll lose in eighty years time. So, instead: Dang! Those two were good as hell!! Let’s go revisit their respective canons. 

Much love and until next time,


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Hey Hustlers

Whoa moley we’ve been quiet! One of our editors has just done a BIG THING (not illegal) and so is totally busy with that. But don’t worry! We’re reading stories and preparing for issue 3, so keep sending stuff in and keep hustlin’!

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Happy 2011, readers!

Recap: 2010 saw the launch of our illustrious magazine, and the publication of Issues 1&2, which would not have been possible without talented writers who were brave enough to send their work to a fledgling journal. 

During our first six months of operation, we received some really outstanding submissions, only one piece of hate mail, and several sexy photos intended for HustlerWe also amended our policy on flash fiction; when we launched, we gathered short works up into our figurative bosom and attempted to hold them close, however they were too slight - we needed meatier pieces. In short, we no longer accept flash fiction.

So, yes, 2010 was a very exciting year for The Ear Hustler. 

2011 holds the promise of four more issues. Maybe exciting  changes to the website… surprising new fonts? Who knows! I hope we get some more sexy photos.

In conclusion:

To our past authors: thank you for your hard work, and thank you for your stories. 

To our future authors: we look forward to reading your work! Let’s make the next four issues the best ever!

To my co-editor and friend, Graham: thank you for putting up with me, for your totally rad web design, for the ridiculous amount of work you do, and for daring to dream that we could make a literary magazine happen. I never would have thought to do this, but it has been really, really fun, even when it’s a pain. 

Keep on hustling in the New Year!

<3 Katherine